Miracle rice

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India’s agriculture” a bank in debt. Its more than a month now, i saw laborers working in the farm, planting paddy saplings. Are we planting the right seeds or as the title says, “miracle rice” which will bring miracle for the farmers? Last year, Food Corporation of India refused to pick up stocks of paddy from the mandis because of poor quality of grain which didn’t meet the required standards. It’s not only with Punjab but the situation is worst in many other states of India. Several revolutions have taken place to destress the farmer from the burden of debt, which he has to bear while raising the crop. We still are unable to fix agriculture problems of soil erosion, water shortage and ecological imbalance. Genetic diversity is the basic principle of traditional agriculture and hence, we have crops with narrow genetic base. Because of narrow genetic base, high yielding varieties are more vulnerable to major pests thus, increasing use of fertilizers and pesticides leading to an overall increase in debt. Inclusive of all above, Punjab’s agriculture sector is facing many other problems starting off with; high cost of transmigrated labor, suicides due to higher financial debt, lesser younger youth opting farming as a career option & higher commercialization of land. If the current situation is not fixed soon most of us will be eating imports. 


Under the mango tree


It’s a Sunday gloom! Most of the salons in the city are crowded with people for haircuts, body massage & beauty treatments. If you reach on time as per your appointment scheduled with the salon, you will be pampered or else you will keep sulking for your turn. The expensive ones are the first to attract crowds. I don’t know how people are shelling out thousands & thousands of rupees grooming themselves but is anyone taking steps to groom the people on the streets? Has any of the unisex saloons taken initiative to engage people from barbers’ community to teach them modern day barber skills or will it be available to those who can spend huge amount on getting their kid an international degree? Every year, government in its press release has recruitment options for barbers but they are unable to get a right candidate for the position as people who belong to these communities are hardly primary school pass outs. In our current scenario, a modern unisex saloon is like a fashion theatre equipped with mirror glasses & posters of fashion divas. Every half an hour a new fashion statement is made. The unisex salon trend has changed the perspective of man being only tall, dark and handsome. Cute, is the new word for men having spiky hair & six pack abs. Do we really need to call all of them,men? If yes, then what are we going to call those who work their ass-off to get their kids two meals a day?

Incredible India


Are we rising or it is a temporary shift of power? The power which either makes you blind or differentiates you from the world. Power in the hands of noble man, will bring out a change. Most of us talk about incredible India but, what it is actually? I don’t think anyone of us has figured out till now or its one shining word we put in before India. Education is one of the noble profession but can we reach the moon. Why our education system fails to produce good Innovators, Scientists, Engineers, Doctors and Artists. Why, they have to travel to far places to get better education? Why can’t they find it in their own hometown? Even after studying from good private institutions, they still look for odd jobs. Why unemployment rate is too high? Until we don’t raise alarm for full proof justification, it won’t stop. And, it is not too hard to do understand. We just have to work on district levels and, have to set up 4 government-owned colleges, one each for medical, engineering, business management & creative fields and how hard it is to carry out? Actually, the problem is in our politicians and their relatives, who mostly own these private colleges. Since government officials have no action plan to stop them, they will keep on declining our education system. Well now ball is in their court to decide? Are they willing to compromise or want justice? From hawkers, tea-makers, vegetable sellers, rickshaw pullers, maids/servants to laborers working in rural agriculture sector, everyone is facing serious problems to raise their kids and get them good education. They don’t want their kids to follow on to their footsteps but sometimes voices are left unheard.

Miserable sleep


Nothing is better than a good sleep but are they really having a good sleep? Current population status of India stands at 1.252 billion people; it is really hard to provide infrastructure to each one of them. If we can’t provide them facilities to live, why don’t we export them to other countries, having low population, larger area & better facilities? They can use them in better ways and vice-versa. The real answer to this question is; firstly, they are not educated. Secondly, they belong to poor community, who are more concerned about earning one meal a day. Thirdly, if by chance someone from their community tries to be a part of better world, our so called social system does not allow them. They are just living on the mercy of politicians, who every year makes false promises of removing poverty and illiteracy but instead they are just using them as vote banks. After any elections, they are the one felt maximum betrayed or exploited. But to certain extent they are also reliable for their own misfortune. If they don’t cast a vote to the corrupt, they all can be a part of, what we call smart world.

The only colors !


It is not new to see people on the streets selling balloons but how they fill colors in the romantic pursuit of your lives. My question here is, can we do the same. In many parts of the world, one generation has set up the legacy for others, both in good as well as bad ways. Once, you become something supposingly, a politician, an officer or a banker, life around you changes so will the people and your generations. What about people on the streets? Won’t they get any chance to change their structure of living or living in the darkness, is the best possible solution. NGOs are doing their part of work but they are unable to reach the masses. Its again our fault because we all are doing in different ways and, who decides the best possible way, is our inner voice. Who first calculates its pros & cons and than, find a solution to it. Helping, a needy with few pennies of money wont change anything but what we have to do is take due responsibility of it. Maids working at your homes or a laborers at your farms, do something for them, educate them, aware them about the life. Taking up education will only make their life beautiful. Pay for their education, educate them with your optimism, than only you are helping them. I don’t want politicians or others bureaucrats to help because they are part of so called corrupt system which will take years to transplant into better ones.I request my fellow countrymen to light a candle of knowledge in their lives. If 1/10th of my countrymen take this task seriously, in coming years we will be ahead of many countries. To be noble is to educate others.

Had he dreamt his presidency?


I was walking down the street when i saw this amazing frame. The colors at the wall just encouraged me to take picture of it but when i saw on to little details, i found the sensitivity around his shop. From a way the bicycle was positioned, to the way tiff-in was hanged on to the nail and followed by anti-evil customs. Before i could say him to look & smile, He just came to me and said, please do not complaint to Municipal Corporation otherwise they will harass me and what small i earn to survive my family will land up in bribe. Its hard to survive on the streets, when its certain your kids won’t have a bright future. Why aren’t our law makers consider something fruitful for different professions working across the streets. To be precised, i would only say, how the hell in my country, politicians are going to earn. Policies are build first but how to earn money through it, those synopsis are prepared even before that. With those economies of scale, you can’t run for presidency, but a spoiled rich can. This isn’t joke any more either you give us the fair piece of share or else stop worrying about suicide or crime rates. I hope some agenda comes up for people like him or else put a poster showing “Our Prime Minister having a cup of Tea with American President” there on the wall and, you see the difference?


Self obsession


A selfie that has taken up the guy’s pride is destroying the masculine nature of men. It is common to see at places or parties, men taking selfies. I am not against the nature of men capturing the essence of moment but what matters to me is “how men are travelling on so-called deviated route of path”. How man has become materialistic? How he has changed the nature of being loved? If my elders would have heard about gay marriages and how openly men/women talk about their sexual preferences, they might have left the world before time. We all have heard, how our elders used to travel miles to study or to work. Why they tell us the stories of war, struggle and heroic tales of men? The answer to this is that life will not always be the same, so be strong and don’t lose hope. The real nature of men is to be strong enough to earn respect and love his family. Do take selfies. Some situations happens only once in lifetime but don’t ruin the environment around you. God shower his kindness when you give yourself to that situation and, your energies became parallel.